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Eurasian Educational Dialogue
International Forum

29-30 April 2019

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Forum theme:

Educational technologies, educational environments,
educational practices: change management strategies


Forum Organizers

  • Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • Government of Yaroslavl Region

Forum Coordinators

  • Department for Education of Yaroslavl Region
  • Institute for Education Development of Yaroslavl Region
  • Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky

Forum Conferences and Discussion Topics:

Conference 1. Development of New Educational Practices in General and Supplementary Education

  • Effective technologies for schoolchildren building up XXI century competences
  • Innovative models and practices employed to achieve relevant learning outcomes in digital learning environments
  • School education in digital era: contrary to or by virtue of?
  • Inclusive education as an essential condition of general education quality improvement
  • New models of ensuring a wider accessibility of child supplementary education
  • Advanced  practices aimed at schoolchildren adopting an active attitude to life (social and volunteer movements, social creativity etc.)

Conference 2.  TeachersProfessional Excellence as a Condition of New Educational Practices Development

  • Professional excellence of educational organization principals: topical issues and challenges
  • Individual educational route of teachers’ professional development: myth or reality?
  • Effective practices of networking cooperation in continuing professional education
  • New support models for young teachers’ professional growth
  • Occupational advancement and career development of a teacher: challenges and opportunities
  • Professional teacher communities as a source of training and education performance enhancement

Conference 3. New Didactics of Teacher Education in the Context of Global Technological Update and Digitalization

  • Updating of values and aims of modern teacher education (foresight session)
  • Trends in teacher education content modernization (fundamental and practical issues)
  • Emerging technologies in teacher education
  • Approaches to the assessment of professional competences development level in teacher education
  • Effective models and practices of continuing teacher education development
  • Career development in teacher education: exposure and elimination of competence deficits